Hey everyone,
I am thinking about getting braces. The only thing is, I cant have them on for a really long time (long story). What is the shortest possible time to have them on for? 6 months? My teeth arent that bad at all, its just the front ones are a little crossed over. Is it better to get teeth capped or braces? I've heard of Invisalign, too. But thats so expensive...and if i was to cap my teeth it would only be 2 teeth. I'm booking in an appointment with my dentist soon, but what is your opinion on the best option? and how long will it take?

Thanks guys :) :)


we cant say how long because we havent seen your teeth, and its not how they look on the outside but also the position of the roots (some teeth are crooked below the gums)

we can tell you dont get them capped because if it breaks you will be in pain and you may need a root canal then bcuz the nerve got messed up

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