Wisdom teeth?!


Wisdom teeth?

So far 1 wisdom teeth has come out completely (upper left) and hasn't bothered me at all... however, the one at the upper right has started coming out recently, but I can only see/feel the front part of it, and it's been cutting away at my inner cheek to the point where I just have a blister there..

If the tooth doesn't come out completely, is it going to have to be pulled? And if it does get pulled, do they go ahead and pull all the others as well? (the bottom ones haven't come out yet, however the lower right one is already bumpy as if there's something there, so it'll probably be out sooner or later.)

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3 weeks ago
Doesn't it cause a shift though if you remove it from one side and keep it at the other? That's what I was assuming anyways..


If the tooth doesn't come in completely they most likely will pull it. Honestly, they may pull all of them just to ensure they won't be a problem to you later on in life. I haven't had mine pulled yet, but I think they're going to take them out soon. I've heard that it really isn't that bad, and that they'll give you pain killers for after the extraction.

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