I'm gettin braces tommorrow n im so frickin scared!!!!!!!!?!


I'm gettin braces tommorrow n im so frickin scared!!!!!!!!?

lik omg i dunno wat 2 do someobody plz tell me sum positives a.b them.....n guys lik if ur gf lik jus got braces wuld u mind>>


I had braces for three years and I've had four oral surgeries. This is what they do when they put your braces on:

1. First, they put the rings around the backs of your teeth with glue. This doesn't hurt at all! The glue tastes bad but it doesn't hurt.
2. They have to let the glue dry.
3. They put the smaller brackets on the rest of the teeth, they have to seperate your lips it looks pretty funny! lol
4. They let that glue dry for fifteen minutes.
5. They put the wire on.
6. They put elastics around your brackets.
7. They explain how to take care of your braces.
8. You're done!

It doesn't hurt when they put them on but afterwards it does so I recommend taking some sort of pain killer before hand.

As for the guy issue, I'm not a guy but, if a guy only looks at you for your looks he isn't worth your time anyway.

And think about how pretty your smile will be.

Good luck! =)

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