I have 3 cavities and 1 tooth they want to pull can they do it in one visit real!


I have 3 cavities and 1 tooth they want to pull can they do it in one visit really scared?

I am 26 and this is only my second time to a dentist i am really scared that it will hurt plus i have lupus will this matter?


Be sure to explain to your dentist that you are anxious. Most dentists are trained to help people who have anxiety about getting their teeth taken care of. Tell him or her that you are worried about the pain and ask what measures will be taken to be sure you are comfortable and will not feel pain.

It might be a lot to have three cavities filled and a tooth pulled in one visit. You may decide to have these things done in more than one visit.

Dentistry techniques are very sophisticated now and you can have this work done without suffering. Just be sure you are seeing a very qualified dentist, one who regularly deals w/ patients who are fearful of dental work.

As for your lupus, I can't think of any reason why this condition would interfere with having your teeth taken care of, but be sure to let you dentist know this and tell him about any medication you are taking.

Good luck!

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