Should I wear my retainer everyday...?!


Should I wear my retainer everyday...?

I am told to only wear it at night. But I wear it in the day if I forget the night before. But I am thinking about wearing it everyday for a few days because it looks like one of my teeth is kinda moving so I wore it all day today. But it might be the way my tooth is so should I continue at night

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3 weeks ago
Well I was wearing it all the time when I got my braces off like 3 years ago...and then when I got my false tooth he said wear it at I do...

3 weeks ago
I go in about two months I go every 6 months and it might not be moving because I had that tooth built up because it was really small


Ha you wear braces.... luckily mine have been off for a little over a year.

for the retainer part, i used to wear them everyday as soon as they came off for fear of them moving.i would only take them off to clean them, brush my teeth and to eat. i only had to wear them at night as well.

Recently thought (around 5 months ago) i realiezed that they still moved, but only a little.. so i only used them during the night... soon enough i stopped using them completley, although they still move a bit,but they move back into place...

anyways, i say that you just wear them during the night.

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