What would happen if I do the Dental Hygiene program and fail the state test?!


What would happen if I do the Dental Hygiene program and fail the state test?

I know that after doing the Dental Hygiene program, I would have to take the Dental Hygiene National Board Examinations and the California State Licensing Examination, but what happen if I fail both test? Can I still work as a Dental Hygienist or do I have to start on a new major? Also, should I apply to Foothill college or Cabrillo College (both school are in California) for a good Dental Hygiene Program?


In Arizona (where I live) you can actually work without a license as a Dental hygienist in a federal setting (such as VA hospital, prison, base...etc) You do have to have a DH degree though... Check out if it's true in your state. You can usually find this info in the packet you have to study for your jurisprudence test.
Another tip: study from the Kaplan book for the National Board, you'll find all the things you need to know for the exam. And don't forget: the Board is curved, so to get a 75% passing grade you actually need only about 60%.

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