Clear or metal braces???? HEELLLPPP?!


Clear or metal braces???? HEELLLPPP?

okay..i really cant decide, i heard that with clear they area bigger, and stain, but i really want them, because my friend has clear,and you can see the color rubber bands on them better. But with metal, they are really noticable, my other friend has metal, and all the pictures she takes look kinda weird, because all the attention is on her metal braces! but i dont know i heard that the metal ones work better and are more comfetable.

please answer because i really need your help!

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3 weeks ago
oh sorry i ment the brackets on the braces!


Clear brackets don't stain. Clear or tooth colored ligatures (the tiny rubber bands) do stain. Whether used on clear or metal brackets. The difference is people usually use them on clear brackets and bright colored ones on metal brackets. If you're going with bright colors on clear brackets, stains aren't an issue.

I have metal braces and enjoy them. They feel good, they hide how bad my teeth are now, and at least people can see I'm doing something about them. I have so much more self-confiedence with them than I did before.

Clear brackets have a "what's in her mouth" factor as they aren't as instantly recognizable as metal braces, and they might take longer (the come off more easily so the forces used can't be as strong, and they may need to be rebonded more often).

I like my metal ones, they are very comfortable, and they make me smile more and happier with my smile (my teeth are really bad!).

Clear ones are almost unheard of around here, but I don't care for them. But it's your teeth. I'd get the metal ones myself (and I did!)

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