Wisdom Teeth Getting Pulled?!


Wisdom Teeth Getting Pulled?

I am getting my two bottom wisdom teeth pulled. They are partially impacted. And I am not getting knocked out, I am just getting a local anesthetic. I am wondering:

1. How much pain will there be and how long will it last?

2. How long should the operation last?

3. What should I be expecting when getting them pulled while awake?

4. How long will my cheeks be swollen?

5. And any additional information you may have.

Additional Details

3 weeks ago
Also, I am only getting 800mg Ibuprofen, so not vicodin or any of that fun stuff.

3 weeks ago
AND... I took only two days afterwards off of work. Will I be ok?


After they're out the doctor packs gauze in your mouth. The holes where your teeth were will form clots. Leave that crap in your mouth as long as you can stand it. I cannot stress this enough: do not let those clots burst or come out! If they do, (dry sockets) you have to go back every few days to get them packed with strips of gauze soaked with clove oil. This is to stop the excruciating pain. But, if you keep your body's natural clots, it will go alot smoother. I advise you to get the prescription for at LEAST Vicodin, (I hate it when Drs try to pass off Ibuprofen on me, it's just Advil). It doesn't mean you have to get it filled, you should have it on hand in case you are in pain not during Dr's hours. I've never understood why people think they have to be "tough" like it's some contest or something. Take the narcotics- you'll be laying around unable to do anything anyway. I'm all about pain management. You only get them removed once.

Is someone there to be with you? It can be a big deal. Sorry if I scare you.

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