My braces are rubbing my tongue please help!!!!?!


My braces are rubbing my tongue please help!!!!?

Ok, I got braces yesterday and they were fine until like three hours after and there are hooks on the inside of my top back molars....they are rubbing my tongue raw!!!! It hurts like crazy!! I can put the wax on it but i have to take it off to eat and it just hurts again ....I was wondering two things...One, will this go away and after how long will it take for it to go away....two, Is there anything else that can help this??? Please please please help it is driving me crazy!!! Im only thirteen so i cant have anything strong like asparin


Yeah the pain should go away in about 1 or 2 days but if it hurts too bad you should contact your orthodontist, they should be able to help you. Also, just keep putting wax on your brackets and try eating soft foods for a couple more days. I don't know if there is really anything you could put on your tongue. You could try maybe putting oral gel or something for canker sores on it maybe that will help. Once the pain goes away having braces won't be all that bad.

Good Luck

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