If you teeth are loose do retainers help?!


If you teeth are loose do retainers help?

help to make them tight again?


Retainers or "splint" most definitely "help" with "loose" or periodontally involved teeth. Periodontal splints are usually cemented to the backs of the loose teeth (commonly the lower and upper anterior) teeth; and help strengthen the teeth by attaching them to one another and by attaching them to a "stronger" or more periodontally sound tooth. They are also used for teeth that are "knocked" out or avulsed due to trauma. The splint secures the tooth in place until healing of the attachment tissue can occur. Periodontal splints are different then orthodontic retainers in both their form and function. Orthodontic retainers hold teeth in place after orthodontic movement and are usually removable but can be permanently cemented in place

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