Can I use bleaching gels with my invisalign retainer?!


Can I use bleaching gels with my invisalign retainer?

I've been using it with good results, but my friend told me his ortho told him they weren't made for that.


Yes, you can use them. The solutions for bleaching won't hurt the trays, they are a hard plastic. Bleaching trays are made of a similar material, just not as hard as the Invisalign trays. Just be sure to follow the bleaching instructions and rinse or brush all of the solution out of the trays when finished before placing them back on your teeth. Also make sure to wipe any excess solution off your tissue. Good luck with your ortho and bleaching!

Additional info: I can't think of how many patients I've had that have bleached using their Invisalign trays, more than I can count. Check with your dentist, he will advise you the same as I have. Your dentist also has bleaching solutions available for you to purchase and use that will work much better than the over the counter solutions.

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