I am getting a tooth EXTRACTED today ....... is it wise to go back to work right!


I am getting a tooth EXTRACTED today ....... is it wise to go back to work right afterwards?

It's only a decayed wisdom tooth.
will I be too exhausted afterwards? forgot what I felt like afterwards from one of these ...... been awhile.
I don't get tooth pain, EVER. And if it is, it's so very minimal.
Can I work productively after this crap is over today? I mean do a shift an hr. after? do you?


It is always advisable not to return to work the first day after an extraction. We like for the clot to form and not be disturbed during the first 24-48 hours. Dislodging it will cause a dry socket to develop, which is very painful.

It would also depend on the type of work you do. If it's strenuous work, on your feet, heavy lifting or walking, then absolutely no. We want you to relax, do nothing that will get your blood pumping that could dislodge the clot after the procedure.

It's better to take "a day" than to develop a dry socket and have to return to the dentist for more treatments missing more work. Just relax and follow your dentist instructions, he knows whats best for each individual patient based on the procedure preformed. Hope I've been of some help. Good luck with your extraction!

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