Problems with my teeth?!


Problems with my teeth?

ok so im 14 and i asked my dad if my tooth were 2 fall out will another grow. he said im to old 2 be losing teeth. anyways lately my tooth feels soft and hurts every now and then.. but wen i touch it ,it doesn't move. also i put oraljel on it that doesn't work much but is it some wit my gum or is it my tooth. and its my back teeth like the second one, two the last one.and well a tooth grow back? plzz help


No, all your teeth that you have at present are what dentists call "permanent" teeth. Unlike members of the ray family(sharks, skates, rays), humans only have one extra set of teeth when they are born. The looseness and soreness that you are experiencing could be attributed to a lack of calcium. I would seek advice from an orthodontist or your family dentist.

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