What the heck do I do with three broken teeth and 5 cavites?!


What the heck do I do with three broken teeth and 5 cavites?

Hi :) So I have had a cavity that spread to another tooth since it started between teeth since 2005. Now one of my molars is missing the front of the tooth and the other is missing the back. It can be painful, but its manageable...sometimes its extrememe though. All I see is dark in the inside...no blisters or anything like that. On the other side of my mouth, I have a cavity thats been progressing for nearly a year now,and that one also broke...and while it isnt painful like it used to be at times, it looks kind of scary as there is some red within the tooth...not the cavity. And a few weeks ago, my jaw was swelled and I felt kind of a bump by it, but that may have been due to my wisdom tooth coming in behind it. Im not sure. I dont have a dollar to go to the dentist with since Im a student, and you can bet I dont have any insurance. What the heck should I do?


The first thing you need to do Brittany is lay of the sugar drinks! Soda pop with sugar is the prime reason I would bet you have so many very decayed teeth. Every time you take a drink or chew on something with sugar in it, the acid clock starts ticking. It takes around 30 mins. for the saliva to neutralize from the acid levels. You can sip on 1 or 2 sugary drinks all day long and that is worse than having 3 or 4 that you drink quickly or with meals. Rinse out with water if you can not brush your teeth after eating anything sugary. Use sugarless drinks, gums, mints. OK, now to your actual question..lol. You will need to check with the local care giving organizations such as Salvation Army. They may be able to direct you to facilities that help uninsured people with severe dental problems such as yours. How old are you? You said a student, but is that high school or college? Check with social services to see if you are eligible for Medicaid. From the description you gave of your teeth, some will need to be extracted. Getting rid of the infection is very important, act as soon as you can. If nothing else go to the Emergency Room and see if antibiotics can be prescribed for you. But remember, the infection will come back.

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