Just had my rotten wisdom tooth ripped out of my skull, HAHAHAAHA!ya know what?!


Just had my rotten wisdom tooth ripped out of my skull, HAHAHAAHA!ya know what?

was surprised at how healthy the root looks compared to the crown of the tooth.
but since it contributed obviously to the reason why I'm no antibiotics (got ill and faint like b4 hand from it) it's a relief it's outta there.
Anyway, was pleasantly surprised that when alternating "gauze times" for clotting, that it was advised after the 3rd time to place a dry tea bag over it as well. apparently 'something in the tea aids to help it to clot'. anyone out there know what ingredient this is in the tea that functions like this?
Curious to know!
thanks :-)
time for gardening now

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1 month ago
of course it is in gauze. was given several pieces to takke proper care. the tea bag is to only use once.
home remedies are the best. esp. when blended SOMETIMES w/modern medicine. I can attest to them personally, but the question anyway was answered already kindly. and thank you appreciate you satisfying my curiosity regarding tea,ect. thanks!! :o)

1 month ago
apparently he's been in practice for YEARS~since 1979!!
I had it done right in the chair dear. and it took only --gosh like 10 minutes or LESS? THat's the 'pulling time' probably even less time than that actually. It was the novacaine, and waiting for the effects of that to kick in. Nope, the shot didn't hurt whatsover. The 2nd injection was a little pinch, didn't feel the 1st one.
and YES< THE ENTIRE TOOTH was removed leaving absolutely NOTHING behind. I've got it w/me actually just because I wanted to 'study' it outta curiosity.
He's well known for his speediness

1 month ago
'agony aunt' thanks for ur response as well as everyone elses/I'm concerned about you, and hope you find another dentist.
I've never heard of that one b4!!


Tannic acid. Used for tanning hides in the old days. It stops the bleeding by toughening up your gums.

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