Is my orthodontist just ripping me off? Someone that knows something about ortho!


Is my orthodontist just ripping me off? Someone that knows something about orthodontics would be good toanswer

I had braces in high scho. and paid in full at the begin. of treatment for two years that was expected. My ortho. ended up taking my braces off early--as I went to the dentist the follow. day after having them removed and my dentist said my bite was off and called my ortho. and said my treat. was not over--The first time that they were remov. I was given a plaster mold of my teeth I assume to make a copy if lost. After treat. the second go around I was not given this plaster mold--I wore my retainer periodic. up until now and if it was tight I would just wear it a week straight--and it would fit fine. I lost my retainer not long ago and asked for a copy of the original retainer--he said it was in storage and that it would not work to make a copy anyway--but I've moved my teeth before just fine back. He wanted to put braces back on-I said no way--then he said I should try the invisible retainer retainer that you gradually move-

Is this true or is he just trying to rip me off?


He is correct. Retainers are just that, they are meant to retain what you already have. Your Orthodontist must be noticing more movement/crowding than what a retainer is capable of changing. You also are not doing your teeth any good by on again off again retainer wear because you are constantly shifting your teeth, this can eventually cause root resorption, meaning the roots will get shorter and shorter and the teeth never get a chance to settle in one spot. Retainers are meant for consistent use on a nightly basis. It sounds like you may not have complied with treatment in the beginning and that was why the braces were removed the first time. Molds of your mouth are not always given out, unless the treatment is breached. If you followed through the second time, there was a set of molds made, but those molds are used to make the retainers and to show the difference from start to finish process. These same molds cannot be used years later or even months later because of the changes and shifts your teeth have done since those were taken, that would be like putting a warped lid on an old container.

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