Infected tooth that hurts! No Dental insurance. HELP!?!


Infected tooth that hurts! No Dental insurance. HELP!?

My dentist told me a few years ago to remove my wisdom teeth because they didnt have room to grow. I was a baby about it and didnt do it. Now, 5 years later my bottom left wisdom tooth is giving me problems. It gets sore and the other day I think a popcorn kernal got stuck in my gums surrounding the tooth. I brushed and flossed and then next morning my face was very swollen. (It looked like I had a golf ball in my cheek) I have since been to the ER and given an antibiotic and pain meds. My question is... I do not have dental insurance and will not be eligable at work for at least 5 months. If I finish my antibiotics to clean out the infection, can I wait that long to have the tooth pulled? I am in pain now, but have been taking pain meds for it. Im scared about not having dental coverage and Im not financially stable. Can you please tell me what to do? At least tell me what I can do until I can afford to see a dentist? Can the infection spread or some back? Thanks


An infected tooth, or abscess as they are called are extremely painful. Antibiotics and pain medication will eventually help the tooth become less infected but once you stop antibiotics the infection WILL return and is usually much more painful the second time around. You should not wait five months to have this tooth taken care of as infection from an abscess tooth can spread to the throat causing an airway obstruction and can spread to the heart and brain and cause very severe problems and sometimes fatal complications. As a dentist we always recommend trying to save the tooth by having a root canal, but in a financial situation an extraction may be your best choice. PLEASE see a dentist in your area to discuss a treatment as this can become extremely painful and serious. Also try using COLD compresses, do NOT use heat as this can cause the infection to worsen and spread and become more painful. Try finding a dental college in your area. PLEASE do not take the advice from "Overseas Dentist" below, once you take your antibiotics you will not gain 6 months to two years of relief from your infected tooth. You will get pain relief once the antibiotics begin to work on the infection, but once you stop taking them the infection will return and is usually much more painful and severe. PLEASE by all means see a dentist as soons as possible.

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