Seeing dentist in 3 hours time and nervous!?!


Seeing dentist in 3 hours time and nervous!?

I'm going to see a dentist later after work and pretty scared. I have a tooth decayed on filling but was thinking of doing an extraction cos 1/3 of the tooth is gone. But the problem is I'm too scared to the the tooth extraction as it requires 4 injections.
If I'm going for the filling repair, I need to see the dentist again in few months time cos usually fillings is not strong enough to hold the tooth.
Some doc suggest crowning but of I'm having a canal prob should I go for crowning?
What to do? Extraction? Filling? Crowning?
I'm so scared now.


It would depend on your age, really. If you're young, I suggest trying to save it via root canal and crown. I've had one done and they're not as bad as you may imagine if your dentist is good. I barely felt anything.
I have been to another dentist who was young and inexperienced. He pulled my wallet out thru my A year later I went to a different (and older & experienced) dentist and he did the same thing to another tooth and only cost half as much, ten times faster, and practically painless.

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