What is the best way to whiten your teeth with fastest results?!


What is the best way to whiten your teeth with fastest results?


It is a good idea to rule out any gum disease and/or cavity issues prior to bleaching your teeth;also, having any staining and tarter cleaned from the teeth (at a dental office) is essential for the best results.

Next, visiting with a dentist that utilizes , same day - light activated systems will provide the quickest and most dramatic result, but often times increase temperature sensitivity is the trade off.

Many patients use a take home whitening trays and get results quickly 1-2 wks. If cost is a factor then Crest White Strips work well, thought the results are less dramatic

If you experience increased temperature sensitivity, typically Sensodyne toothpaste works well...either brush with it and then spit out the excess ( no rinsing for about 1/2 hour)...or place a thin ribbon of the paste in your bleaching trays and wear for about 20 mins ( after each bleaching ). If the sensitivity doesn't resolve in 2 wks contact your dentist. There could be other causes for the discomfort.

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