Does anyone know the oldest age anyone got there wisdom teeth?!


Does anyone know the oldest age anyone got there wisdom teeth?

I'm 22 years old and I have never had my wisdom teeth come through yet. The reason I'm asking is because for the last month off and on the very back of eachside of my mouth as been hurting. I feel back there though and I don't feel a tooth coming through or anything. I only want serious answers to this and I don't want to hear anything like you just need to brush or teeth or something. I hate jerks and I don't want any jerks answering my question! Thank you in advance for the help!


Mine didn't start comming in until I was about 30. They didn't bother me until about 34. Then I had them out. I have heard from the dentist some people never have wisdom teeth come in.

Press on your gum line where the wisdom teeth come in. IS it tender? Do you see a thinning of the skin there like it's getting whiter? You may be getting them in if so.

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