Can I get braces??!

Question: Can I get braces!?!?
Well I had braces and then retainers but i didnt wear the retainers properley and my teeth have come back out again,

And im wondering can I get free treatment through NHS,
As I am nearly 22 soon
as I am Full time in education and I work part time to cover all the fees, I only live with my mum and shes on benefits, which is low income,

so you can know we dont have much money,

im wondering can I get it done again and how!?!?

Manyy thanks and I would appericate it if someone else me out

thank you very much!! have a nice day!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

Hi, i can tell you that if your first orthodontics treatment was paid by the NHS it is most likely you will not get a second time!. If your first time was self pay!.!.!. since the NHS is a government funded organization through taxes unless your orthodontic treatment is necessary ( ex: where your bite is incorrect preventing your teeth from growing properly) then you might have a chance, also orthodontic is still consider cosmetic work!.!.!. most likely gov!. insurance would not pay for that!. unless if you have private insurance!. HOPE THIS HELPS :)Www@Answer-Health@Com

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