Dentist/or Expert needed for answer pls?!

Question: Dentist/or Expert needed for answer pls!?
Ok,i went to the dentist 5 months ago for the start of a root canal,(575!.00),had it done with him only finding one root,the other 2 were "calcified"!.!.!.He told me the fuji would last up to approx!. a year,but i started experiencing severe gum pain near that tooth that had the rct,so i went back last week and i told him and he took an x-ray (35!.00) and said the fuji filling was in need of re-doing,had that done that same day!. Well,today i went back and told him i was in severe pain from the gum irritation,not the tooth itself,so he said he would smooth out the remaining tooth near the gum because that is what was causing me pain,he charged me 50 dollars for that!!! Should not he had smoothed that out LAST WEEK when i told him of it at no charge!?!?Is this my fault!? I am angry right now and need someone to tell me if i'm right or wrong!? Ty!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

It depends!.!.!.did he recommend a crown/cap over the tooth with the root canal or just leaving the fuji for a year!? If he recommended something else but told you the fuji may last a year, you should have gone with his recommendation!. If all he told you was it would last a year, you shouldn't have to replace it at your own cost!. Usually with root canals, most doctors recommend a crown/cap because without it the root canal filling (fuji) will eventually break down as well as weakening the tooth and the crown/cap will prevent this!. Sometimes the root canals have to be redone if left un-crowned!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

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