Orthodontic Braces: would it cost extra if my teeth relapsed?!

Question: Orthodontic Braces: would it cost extra if my teeth relapsed!?
i had my braces taken off like couple months ago and the orthodontist required me to wear retainers continuously!. I did for the first few months but then i got lazy!. My teeth are starting to relapse (going crooked again) so i got scared and i started putting my retainer back on!. If it actually goes to a point where im required to have braces again, would i need to pay again!? if so, how much would it cost!?Www@Answer-Health@Com

Yes you would have to pay again!. If it isn't too bad the ortho can adjust retainers to straighten one or two!. If the retainers fit, keep wearing them!. Then when you can honestly say you have done all you can to keep them straight, it may not cost if he wants to put them on for longer!. I got a permanent retainer inside my bottom front because they would never stay!. So we worked together for a solution and that is what he came up with!. It was just a small bar that holds the four front teeth!. It is TRUE though you have to wear that retainer for years!. Think about how long your teeth were crooked!? It will take that long for them to be used to being straight!. Don't get lazy, my son did and now his $4000 dollars is a waste!. He isn't as bad as he was before braces but it makes me sick to know I struggled for four years to pay and he let his teeth go crooked again!. JUST made me SICK!. So think of that also!. It is a privilege to have beautiful teeth, you will be glad you stuck with it when you are older!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

most likely, you damaged it so yes, all the hard work and money has been flushed down the toiletWww@Answer-Health@Com

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