Looking for a dentist, how to tell if they are good?!

Question: Looking for a dentist, how to tell if they are good!?
So I'm searching for a new dentist, haven't had much luck, other than 1 dentist which seemed to be thorough!.

Just a bit of history, I need a root canal, and do not trust my current dentist as he has been my mothers dentist, and she is constantly having pains and crack teeth issues etc!.

Well this dentist I was checking surprised me when I asked for a second opinion on getting a root canal by saying "My advice to you is to go see an endodontist"!. He said hes does root canals also but it depends on the condition of the patient!.

He was honest!. The only thing that kinda made me think twice was the fact he seemed kinda straight to the point!. In a good way he told it as it was!.!.!. but he also came across almost to the point it would be rude feedback!. (I thought I overheard him talking to a patient before me commenting, "build up at !.!.!." "decay at" so maybe the previous patient pissed him off somehow!?!.!.!.!. Dunno)

I dunno, either way my tooth with its painful filling is getting on my nerves (pun intended)!. Can't chew with this tooth (back tooth #2) and I'm pretty much thinking of going with him!.

One statement he made was he usually sands down the tooth that is getting the root canal so not much pressure is put on it when its being bitten on!.!.!.!. Sounded like a good idea to me

What do the people of answers think!?


Hi Devdude,

This dentist sounds pretty good, the suggestion of reducing the tooth to prevent pressure is good however it is only useful during the healing process after the root canal!. Remember the nerves will be removed so you should not feel pain in the future!.

If you do have concerns though you could go see an endodontist however it will of course cost more!.

You seem to be having great discomfort therefore I would recommend you getting a root canal rather soon!.
Root canals are very common in general dental practices!.

A good way to tell if he is a good dentist is if his practice is modern that is a sign he takes pride in his office/work, also how long has he been practicing!? You want one experienced enough with root canals not just out of school!.

And I would be blunt and tell him your situation previously and you want a dentist who will do a good job!. Its not a bad thing to be anal, dentists usually don't want a headache after so they will do a good job!. (I know that from experience)!.

Good Luck to youWww@Answer-Health@Com

where do u live!? i can recommend a few!. Tooth 2 is infact very difficult!. Stop being anal retentive and go see the endodontist!. If it hurts like you describe it , it needs RCT(root canal therapy)!. I would see treatment ASAP to make sure the tooth does not become unrestorrable!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

Most dentist will have a website!. You can look up the dentist in your area and check to see if they have a website and then read the testimonals on the website!. Www@Answer-Health@Com

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