What do you advice me ?!

Question: What do you advice me !?

i have my front tooth little broken, and i want to reshape the others, but i want to improve my smile and make my teeth look very natural and white!. i actually don't have the lateral incisor so my doctor has make the canine near my central incisor long time ago using braces, but now i don't like them, they look like broken teeth, for that i would like to reshape them!. My dentist told me i can fix them by lumineers or composite filling (bonding), i am confused and i know there is difference in prices!. anyone with experience!? what you think i should choose!? which look more beautiful and natural !?Www@Answer-Health@Com

For your desires, veneers would be best (Lumineers)!. They would also will last longer than composite!. The materials used to make veneers or Lumineer's are ceramic-based so it allows the lab technician to put more natural, translucent effects into the restorations!. Composite restorations are placed directly by the dentist -- these are a plastic type material!. They are not as aesthetic or as strong as the ceramics used to make veneers!. Though they are cheaper!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

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