Braces and the pressure and spacers... =)?!

Question: Braces and the pressure and spacers!.!.!. =)!?
everyone on yahoo says that the orthodontist will clean your teeth before putting them on!. but at my orthodontist, it has this Special "bathroom" for you to floss, brush, and rinse with mouthwash!. does that mean that ill have to clean my teeth then they will!?

Pressure on braces:
when the orthodontist puts on the braces do they push on your teeth hard!? or do you not even feel it!? cause my bottom front teeth are SO sensitive, well on of the bottom front tooth!. like how much pressure does the orthodontist make when putting them on

Spacers: i have spacers right now, if they don't fall out, will the orthodontist take them out, how do they do that!?

(by the way im getting braces in a week)Www@Answer-Health@Com

my ortho didnt even brush my teeth before she put them on, but i did before i came so it was ok,
when u get the braces you dont feel any pressure, just ur lips feel wierd becuase they are pushed out more, but afterwards u will feel pressure in a few hours, so take painkillers!. its not that bad tho, but that also depends on how crooked your teeth are!.
and spaces they just pull them out, it doesnt hurt at all, they do it with a hook!. becuase spacers are basicly rubberbands between your teeth!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

I really hated when i had braces!. But the pressure is not too bad, i dont know how sensitive your teeth are, but it's not too bad, its actually just a little glue type stuff they put on first but it doesn't hurt, the tightening thought does hurt the day after& maybe even the day of!. But the spacers get taken out by string at i think i remeber my dentist doing it like that!. The outcome is really good, its worth it!. The wiring was the same for all of my teeth, i think it will be the same for you, no difference!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

Yes orthodontists do clean your teeth before putting on your braces!.!. That special bathroom is there for you to brush your teeth before your appointment, so your teeth will be somewhat clean!.!.Ultimately the orthodontist takes care of that!.

Yes when braces are first applied it can be a very painful situation!.!. Especially when your teeth are not use to the pressure of braces!.!.

Yes they will remove the spacers!. That is one part that is not painful at all!.!. they just pull them out with a little dental pick!.!. not at all painful!.!.

Take it from a person who has had braces twice!.!. wear your retainers when you get them off!.!. if not your teeth shift and then you need braces again!.!. GOOD LUCK!!Www@Answer-Health@Com

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