Wisdom Teeth removed, terrible headache!?!

Question: Wisdom Teeth removed, terrible headache!!?
I've had my wisdom teeth removed!.
It was two days ago now and I was under general anaesthetic!.
I woke up this morning with a really intense headache!.
I had a cold when i had the surgery and i'm wondering if the headache is due to sinus!.!. or possibly a caffeine withdrawal!.
I usually suffer withdrawals from caffeine after about 2 days without and i'm wondering whether it's okay to drink caffeine/coffee after the surgery!.
(I also have a mild blood clotting disorder) (Von Willebrand's disease) which required an drip of fluid which assisted in blood clotting!.

Since you also have another disorder I would think you should call your surgeon on his / her 24 hour answering service and tell the doctor about the headache if it continues!.

I am a little surprised that they did the surgery if you had a cold as we were told to inform them as soon as possible if my son had a cold, sore throat or other problem as they would have to cancel until he was better!. Think they worry about secondary infections or complications!.

I would think that drip would be vitamin K so wouldn't think that would cause a problem unless the amount given was wrong!. It could be your cold, sinus, infection, your blood pressure (have it checked) or caffeine withdrawal!.

Hope you recover quickly!

There are a lot of factors apparently that could be a cause for your headache truthfully that disease sounds pretty serious and you should check with your physician!. I cant imagine it would hurt if you drank soda but I am not sure, maybe in small doses!. Hope this helped!. Www@Answer-Health@Com

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