How do false teeth sit in your mouth without falling out?!

Question: How do false teeth sit in your mouth without falling out!?
Like i mean the top row of teeth!? how can they just 'clip' in up there without falling off or down!? how do the fake gums to sit nicely & supportive!? i tried to somehow picture how but i cant!? please explain!.!. cause i know you can remove false teeth whenever you want! & can someone please tell me what are false teeth dentures made out of!?! also how much are they for top & bottem set!?Www@Answer-Health@Com

Upper dentures are usually held in place with natural suction between the denture and the roof of your mouth!. When they are new it is sometimes necessary to use a commercial denture adhesive to aid in the transition!. Most people adapt fairly well to upper dentures!.

Lower dentures are a bit more tricky to learn to wear, they take considerably more patience to get used to!. Some can wear them without adhesive but it seems more use adhesive to keep the lower stable!.

Most dentures are made out of acrylic!. Modern dentures are can be made to look extremely life like!. The cost for the entire procedure varies by where you live, the quality of the dentures you receive and the skill level of your dentist, It is very important that if you are facing dentures that you do some research before committing to anything!. Find out who does the best denture work in your area- ask friends and family!. Visit the dentist and get his or her take on what is needed for you and most of all- get everything in writing and have it explained to you!. If you have questions- ask them! Ask the dentist or ask here, ask someone who wears dentures!.


They usually have to use an adhesive that keeps them in position, but it's a weak one and easy to remove the plate!.

The adhesive goes between the plate between the false teeth and the upper palate!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

"Poligrip!." An adhesive that comes in a tube like toothpaste!.

Only Poligrip? has the unique patented Ooze-Control Tip? for less ooze and strong all-day hold!. !.!.!. valuable information on PoliGrip?!. This site is intended !.!.!.

If you are fitted for dentures properly, sometimes you do not even need any glue, try to find a Dentist who specializes in making Dentures!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

Because they are using epoxy primer and mighty bond super dikit in it!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

they put this sticky gum stuff on top of ur mouth so the stay!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

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