How much would braces run if I only needed them on my top teeth? Pics included?!

Question: How much would braces run if I only needed them on my top teeth!? Pics included!?
I have a little overbite, which goes off a little bit to my right!. I was told it was a "side, overbite"!. I also had my right, baby canine tooth pulled in 2005, and as you can see in the pics, it STILL hasn't grown all the way in, which has me wondering if it's impacted and if braces will be able to pull it down!. I really want to have it straightened out soon before I get too old!. I'm 20 years old now!. Anyways, I know there are payment plans and such and people say the braces run about $4000, but that's for top AND bottom!. I don't need any on my bottom teeth!. They're straight!. It's just my top teeth that have the slight overbite!. Can I just get braces on my top teeth, and if so how much would they approximately run!? Here are pics of my top teeth!. That's my real bite:



looks to me like you have a bilateral cross bite but that's only from looking at pictures!. the way that it looks from the front and from looking at the superior medial palatine suture are completely different views so i could be wrong!. as far as the price of braces goes, it all really depends on if your insurance works with you or not!.Www@Answer-Health@Com

You can get detailed price quotes as well as average prices in you area using this dental price calculator at http://www!.smarthealthbuyer!.com/

You can get a quote just for the top if you like, in your local area!. Average cost for braces vary widely by geographic area, as well as the treatment type and time!.Www@Answer-Health@Com


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