I just got all 4 wisdom teeth taken out today and just had a cigarette?!

Question: I just got all 4 wisdom teeth taken out today and just had a cigarette?
.. it was like literally 5 pulls of a cigarette. then i ran to the bathroom, took salt water, and just moved my head from side to side so i wouldn't swish it. then i brushed my teeth with Crest Gum Protection tooth paste. then i used a mouthwash that was prescribed to me when i got gum surgery a few months back. its a non-alcohol medicated one. so i used that for a minute. then took my antibiotic and a perc. im going to bed soon so when i wake up, it will be 24 hours since i got the surgery. plus im going to do the same routine. brush my teeth, salt water, antibiotics.

should i be ok?


The only way you will get dry socket is if the blood clots came out.

Swishing roughly
Spicy foods
Sharp foods (chips)

I am a dental assistant

Yeah, that wasnt smart, good luck with the pain of dry sockets. Oh and when you get dry sockets they pack the sockets with gauze soaked in clove oil, it tastes terrible, so hope that cig was worth it!!!

it depends how hard you sucked on the cigarette

you may get dry sockets .

Even more painful then the actually operation

I think you should be fine just keep using the salt water : )

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