Do you have to wear retainers after braces?!

Question: Do you have to wear retainers after braces?
Is it possible not to or you MUST wear it? :P thanks


the reason retainers are given out is because after braces are removed, teeth often want to shift back to the before-braces positions. wearing them will usually prevent shifting if worn properly.

good luck :)

Yes, you need to where retainers after braces. If you don't where them, your teeth will start moving. They have permanent bonded retainers. Permanent retainers are mostly used on the bottom teeth. The retainer is affixed to the back of the teeth and acts to hold them in place. So, you dont have to take them out and it doesnt show on your teeth. Ask the Ortho about it.

Yes, you have to. They keep your teeth from moving back.

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