Wisdom Teeth Questions?!

Question: Wisdom Teeth Questions?
I have four (well..had) impacted wisdom teeth. They were sideways and under the bone. But now the two bottom are comming through my gums...sideways. How bad is that? Or is that good? Will it make them easier to get out? The two top are not showing yet though. (I have a small mouth too.)

Now for my next set of questions...
How "scary" is it to get your wisdom teeth out? Does the IV hurt? I'm pretty nerved up about that, well...everything really. Not just the IV. Explain what will happen from the time I walk in to the time I get to the car, please? It may be slightly different since every dentist is usually probably a little different...but it can't be to different...can it???

I'm sorry for all the questions. But I'm really nervous. Thank you very, very much for the advice and help!!!


getting wisdom teeth out is not scary at all. probably gonna use a general anesthetic. thats when they put u to sleep so you dont feel it. I had 6 wisdom teeth removed. dont feel a thing.

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