How long is recovory from 4 tooth extraction ?!

Question: How long is recovory from 4 tooth extraction ?
Going Monday to get 4teeth taken out trying to figure out how long full/able to eat recovery take????


It really depends on your body, age, general health, whether you smoke, etc. After my extractions, I was able to eat after a few days, but the pain lasted for a few weeks. However, the teeth extracted were on the left side, so it was easy to adjust to chewing using just the right side of my mouth.
The information from this website was very helpful for me:…
Also, there is a risk of dry socket, and you should be aware of what might make you more susceptible and symptoms:…
Hope that helps, and good luck!

You can eat that day but you wouldn't feel comfortable yet with your gums, give the gums another 2 days to harden and it's back to normal again. ^^

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