Am I smart enough to be a dentist? I want to go to MIT. Thoughts?!

Question: Am I smart enough to be a dentist? I want to go to MIT. Thoughts?



if you really want to do something and put your mind to it, you can achieve it. You have to be smart and committed and have passion and determination. Good luck with it and hope you get on ok. Go for it .


What kind of grades do you have? Have you taken the standardized test yet? It won't be easy to get into MIT, but if you have good grades and high standardized test scores you can get in.

I'm pretty sure MIT doesn't even have a dental school.

As for if you're smart enough, it's not really about brains, it's about determination really. It's hard work.

Only you know if ur smart enough? Go for it if u think u can make it

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