What color braces should I get? Hurry please!?!

Question: What color braces should I get? Hurry please!?
I'm getting them tomorrow and it's my first time so I was curious what color would look good on me. I have light blonde hair and blue-ish/grey-ish eyes. I also have really pale skin if that matters. Ugh I'm scared to get braces...


Don't be scared... I actually like having them, because then in the end I know that my mouth will be so much more pretty and kiss ready! :D
I suggest, no greens for a while, until people really know that you are someone with braces, and that green stuff on your teeth isn't lettuce, or nasty stuff.
purples look good always, or a light blue to match your eyes. But, also, you will have so many times of getting them changed, so if you don't get exactly what you wanted this first time, you can try again in a month :) I got purple and orange my first time...i love them together. I think though, that one solid dark color, blue or purple or dark green looks good, and really put together. Don't get rainbow or anything, that's tacky. Best wishes!!!!!!!

Currently has braces on

Hii, I used to have braces too, and I have the same hair color and eye color as you. When I 1st got my braces, I got glow in the dark braces, but if your orthidontist dont have those, i think getting light blue, purple and lime green, or rainbow:) Oh, and dont be scared, I promise it dont hurt at all!:) Hope I helped!


If clear or white or whatever looks most like your real teeth is an option, then take it! If that isn't an option, then blue, since it will match your eyes, and most food isn't blue, so it won't look like something gross stuck in your teeth.

Clear. I swear, it looks less noticeable and actually cute when they are clear/white. You can experiment with colors in your makeup or clothes, which is less permanent.

..and don't be scared, putting them in doesn't hurt.

I have blonde hair, blueish/grey eyes, and lavender works perfect for me. I tried blue, but it broght too much attention to my mouth and not enough to my eyes.

I have braces( and blonde and blue eyes too). I have clear and I think clear looks best, but if you want colors maybe light colors would be nice like light pink, light blue, or light purple or something like that!

Black. They never fade. They also make your teeth look super white.

It doesn't matter, you get to change the color every month or so. Try light blue.

can you get white or clear? or you could get light pink if you want color

Avoid yellow or green

Umm iM Thinkking Uu Should Get Them Green Or Bluee.?(:


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