REALLY sore mouth!! Please please help! I'm desperate!?!

Question: REALLY sore mouth!! Please please help! I'm desperate!?
I've had braces for 2 years now, and am almost done. But last month I got elastics (rubber bands) that I was told I have to wear all the time. They hurt sooooooo bad, defiantly the worst part of the treatment for me so I haven't worn them very much because the pain is agonising! But I had an ortho appointment today and they told me I HAD to wear them now if I want my braces off. Well I've worn them for about 4 hours today and my mouth is throbbing with pain! I can't take it! So my question is what can I do to relieve the pain quickly, not like you will get used to them in a week. I can't deal with this kind of pain for a whole week! Also pain killers like tylenol and ibuprofen don't help me at all, I don't notice the pain go away even a little! They hurt so bad! What can I do to relieve this pain QUICK!!!???


Nurofen Plus. Or try mouthwash. Maybe even just going to sleep, it's probably the initial pain from the change, if it lasts until tomorrow, ring your ortho.

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