Can't Open Mouth Fully after Wisdom Teeth taken out? PLEASE HELP!?!

Question: Can't Open Mouth Fully after Wisdom Teeth taken out? PLEASE HELP!?
I had all 4 of my impacted wisdom teeth remove last week Monday (9 days ago).
I went to the dentist back yesterday and he says everything is good. But, the only that is left is to open my mouth. Which i'm having major problems doing. He stated that he gives me a week to open it. He says if i dont open it, he will put something in and crank it open ! omg i dont want him to do that. PLEASE ANY ADVICE !!


Stiffness and difficulty opening and chewing are all classic post op issues with wisdom teeth removals. This can last up to a few weeks and is difficult i know. You can try doing some jaw opening exercises, open and close a few times every hour and try a little further each time. Do not force it. The dentist is maybe talking about a prop to help your jaw open and encourage it to open? The stiffness is related to the muscle which runs along your jawline and this is contracting to heal as it has been pulled in all directions whilst the teeth were removed. The muscles in the jaw are only designed to go up and down and they have been forced sideways also for long periods. The muscle only needs stretched out just like a leg muscle so try the gentle opening exercises and wait and see how you go. Good Luck x

I am a sedation dental nurse in Oral Surgery NHS

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