I broke my braces!!!?!

Question: I broke my braces!!!?
I called the orthodontist right away but I don't know what to do now. I bit down and my 2 bottom braces cracked!! I could pull them off right now but I'm trying my best to keep it on!


it doesnt matter there still broken. but dont worry, they will just put some new ones. i literally cried the first time one of my braces broke, but the dentist just replaced it, so i freaked out for nothing.

just go to your dentist asap .

Not to worry about it coming off, your ortho could definitely fix it in no time. The only thing you should worry about is if they are going to charge you for it. I had this type of thing happen to me while I was out of the country!!! ;/ it feels horrible but it was fixed.

I had braces

Bare tight until they can get you in, thats crap if they cant get you in today but they should!

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