Very weird question about jaw muscles. See details.?!

Question: Very weird question about jaw muscles. See details.?
Whenever I yawn my lower jaw muscle tense up. Right now (normal) I can put my thumb on the middle of my bottom and push up and it's 'squishy' per sé. But whenever I yawn, it tenses up and feels like a brick and hurts very painfully. It doesn't stop hurting for a long time. Say 10 minutes. It just tenses up. I do not really know if I explained that good enough and I'm on an iPod and can't edit or add details. If you think you know why these muscle tense up when I yawn, or even just open my mouth too Wide, like when eating a burger, please comment. If you need more details just text me at 815-596-9505. It hurts bad. I do not care to give out my *text only* phone number because it hurts so bad. I'm just looking for an answer and can't afford doctor. Please help. And if you really want to know, on a scale of 1-10 it hurts like 20


It really sounds like you are getting a bit of tetany in the muscles when you yawn. Do you ever get charlie horses in your legs? You may need to take vitamins. I'm not certain, but that is what you are describing.

Also don't give out your texting number if you are under 18. Who knows what kind of strange people you could encounter on here

I am a dentist

You really need to see a dentist and get it looked at, a lot of people have this problem clenching your teeth can do it, or grinding your teeth at night is another, you will need an xray to look at the jaw (TMJ) its the hinge at the jaw near the ear.
To help ease the pain, get some thing warm like a hot water bottle (wrap it in something so it does not burn you) apply to the area, take some pain relief and try to rest.

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