Why aren't my teeth getting whiter?!

Question: Why aren't my teeth getting whiter?
When I was about 7 I went through this phase where I just HATED brushing my teeth! I just wouldn't brush them, I refused. I stopped brushing my teeth for like EVER!! And it was horrible... I knew that it was but I could just never get into the habit of brushing my teeth again! You know there were he occasional times where I would brush them regularly for about a week then I would be like "Oh I can brush them tomorrow." And I never would. I know terrible... But now its been like a couple years........ Don't even say it.. I know.. disgusting... I've grown up more and realized that it is SO important! Its been about a month now and Ive been brushing my teeth twice a day for about 5-10 minuets and my teeth aren't getting any whiter! They started to for a little while and then I ran out of toothpaste I was using "Colgate MaxWhite with mini bright strips" but I ran out so I went to get more when I saw the new brand called "Colgate MaxFresh with mini breath strips". It said Whitening on the box so I got it! But so far it hasnt been whitening. why arent my teeth getting whiter?!

If it helps, Im 13. Here are the toothpastes that I've used: MaxWhite-http://images.iheartcvs.com/uploaded_ima…


Its good you are aware now how important brushing is, you really need to see a dentist, and get your teeth professionally cleaned and polished, this will help a lot, then you can maintain things, there are heaps of products on the market to whiten teeth, speak to the dentist for the most cost effective. Good luck

A lot of stains on teeth are permanent once they're there unless you resort to professional whitening. Keep up the brushing though to prevent new stains from forming. And floss too! My dentist told me that flossing is more important than brushing.

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