My Wisdom Teeth really hurt!!!! Help?!

Question: My Wisdom Teeth really hurt!!!! Help?
I'm planning on getting them out on spring break, which is from March 14-18, but that seems to far away coz they are hurting like a b**** right now!!! I can't reschedule so there's no hope in that . . . . I looked at my teeth in the mirror and it feels like it's coming through totally wrong and I think it's messing up my teeth. I can't swallow to save my life and whenever I cough it throbs.

What medicine/techniques should I do to keep the pain at bay? Also, is it going to screw up my teeth arrangement and will my jaw just break from all da pressure?!

Hilft mir bitte!!!


night time brushing and warm salt water rinses after every meal will help you a lot.
continue this till you get the teeth extracted.keep them clean to avoid pain.
you can take pain killer with seratopeptidase 15 mg for pain relief (2 tab/day,morning and evening)

Dude I've had the same problem. You should go to the doctor to get stronger painkillers than what is available over the counter. Some may make you drowsy but at least you will be able to sleep! Also try holding brandy in your mouth for a minute or so. But be sure to spit it out afterwards otherwise it will get you drunk very quickly! Good luck!

That really blows, I feel your pain. Last year my wisdom teeth did the same exact thing to me. Mine were coming in all funky and nearly sideways. Take some pain relievers to ease the pain and if you are having problems sleeping, which I did, take some sleep aid medication to help you sleep. Swishing cold water in my mouth also helped my teeth a little. Your teeth will not get screwed up by your wisdom teeth because they are getting pulled out soon. If they were left in your mouth to grow in, then it would screw your teeth up. No, your jaw will not break from the pressure, even though it might feel like it will.


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