Replacing missing teeth. Do I really need to replace all of them at once?!

Question: Replacing missing teeth. Do I really need to replace all of them at once?
Pretty much I was stupid for many years and neglected my teeth. Now as an adult I'm caring for them, but am missing teeth in the back that make it very, very, very difficult to eat. I saw a dentist who suggested a partial that runs $12,000 to replace four teeth. I cannot afford that. But I know that an implant runs around $2000, which would be more reasonable. Even if I replaced only one of the missing teeth it would make it possible to eat easily again, and since my insurance covers at least $1k a year it'd be closer to what I could afford. But I don't know if I can replace just one tooth because there are multiple teeth missing in the spot. Any suggestions?


Generally, while one implant may help, it will still be insufficient for chewing/biting normally, because your teeth will remain out of their natural alignment. Plus, by using a partial, you fill in the " gaps" which can cause the face to look distorted over time (after all, your teeth are central to your facial structure).

Have you discussed financing options with your dentist? You might be able to work out a plan to finance partial dentures. If not, you can try to take this one implant at a time- but try to get them all done asap to get your bite back to normal

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-Dr. Mac

I'm a dentist- DDS from Dalhousie University

I just got a partial and it is very hard to eat with, and I agree that 12k is extremely high for a partial. I did a search for impants and there is a guy in Los Angeles and the more you get the cheaper it is per tooth, I'm not sure where you are located. I also looked into dental tourism in different countries, it is sad but in the U.S. if we have dental issue's we do not have many options without a bunch of money. I wish you the best of luck.

I suggest you see another dentist. There is no reason why you should be paying that much for a partial. Also, if you go to a local University of dentistry you can get them made cheaper.

1k a year. Replace one at a time. It would take 4 years to have them all back. But keep in mind u have to pay 1000 out of ur pocket each year. In my suggestion any way.

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