Is there anything I can't eat with braces?!

Question: Is there anything I can't eat with braces?
Just wondering ... Advice??


It all depends. You should definitely be careful with anything sticky - soft candy, toffee, things like that. Generally you just have to use common sense - few foods will actually damage your braces, but you have to be prepared to spend time cleaning thoroughly, with a special brush. One thing I would say you should avoid is gum. It will inevitably get stuck in your braces and it's not worth the effort to get it out.

Three years with braces of my own! ^^

the answer above mine will scare you, thats not really true..
you can eat lots of foods, but when you first get them on, you wont be able to because it takes a while to get used to them and find out how to chew slightly stickier foods with care.

everyone is different, but i would say to avoid really sticky bubble gums, and maybe corn on the cob too (it makes your whole mouth yellow, haha)

you'll be fine as long as you accept that you wont be able to eat everything to begin with..

my own experience! i have train tracks, and have had other plastic retainers, i know what im talking about :L

Uhmm ? Anything Hard Or Crunchy It Can Break Ur Braces ! So No Crunchy Peanut Butter , Ice Chips , Nut , Popcorn , Chips , Etc ! No Sweets As In No Candy Bars , Cookies , Cakes , Or Other Sweets , && No Soda But If You Do Eat Sweets You Must Brush Right After Your Done Eating && Don't Keep A Sugary Food Or Drink In Your Mouth For A Long Time So Never Suck On A Candy Or Slowly Sip A Soda ! No Sticky Foods Or Chewy Foods Such As Caramel , Gummy Candies , Bagels , Pizza Crust , Dried Fruits , You Can Chew Gum But Only Sugar Free ! Beekuhsz It Can Move Your Brackets , Knock Off Your Brackets, Or Break Your Wires && It Hurts Aloooooooott When The Orthondontist Has To move Them Back Into Place !

I Have Braces!

The orthodontist say there are things that you cant eat but i say the hell with it eat whatever u dam well please

Nachos chips gum

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