been told that i need Corrective jaw surgery ?!

Question: Been told that i need Corrective jaw surgery ?
My dentist today told me that i need to get jaw surgery because i have a big lower jaw and very small upper jaw. and that i also have a cross bite. now he said that when my jaw closes it dosnt inline with my top teeth and i bite kind of sideways, he told me to go speak to surgeons and get opnions and he reckons i have to do it because he said if i dont it can lead to arthritis in my jaw and cause further problems in the near future. i do suffer very bad TMJ i get bad crackin clicking noises and ihave problems as well where my jaw gets sore and tired like i just have to close it has anyone had this done before if so is it worth it im so scared please help


Hmmm...I recommend getting a second opinion prior to undergoing the surgery. In some cases orthodontics can be used to improve jaw alignment and remediate the "clicking" you are experiencing. Surgery is a major procedure, especially with regards to the TMJ joint, and the potential for side-effects is quite remarkable. Consult your dentist (or another one) about more conservative treatments first- if you are told that surgery is your only option, then you should proceed.

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