Does it hurt getting top molars pulled are the bottom molar teeth?!

Question: Does it hurt getting top molars pulled are the bottom molar teeth?
i have had all my bottom molar teeth out and it hurt pretty bad pain wise. and pressure what about the top molars?


I got one of my molars pulled out before my braces got put on and it really depends on how well your dentist is as pulling teeth out.
My dentist is brilliant, I could feel the needle that numbed my mouth but I had absolutely no pain. And it was the same with when he was pulling my tooth out. I felt it and I had no pain.
When the feeling began to return in my mouth it hurt, but not a terrible ammount.

peronal experience

I just had one of my top molars pulled today. I didn't feel a thing other than the needles and so far today I have taken some ibu profin but pain wise it hasn't been that bad. We will see what tomorrow is like I guess.


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