What can I do with my mouth after wisdom teeth were pulled?!

Question: What can I do with my mouth after wisdom teeth were pulled?
I just got my 4 wisdom teeth pulled about 4 hours ago. I am bleeding and have the guazes on, but I can't rinse for the 1st day. How am I supposed to eat? I don't want to swallow my blood.


Gauze must only be used if your sockets are bleeding fresh red large amounts of blood and your mouth is full. If the wounds are just oozing which they will for days and you will taste blood and your tongue will be reddish then DONT use the gauze as you are only making it bleed more as you will dislodge the blood clot trying to form to heal. Rinsing also dislodges the blood clot and should be avoided until tomorrow. Drink water to take the taste away or fruit juice. You must swallow your blood, it is horrible but you are an adult and need to swallow to encourage the throat to work. Eating is fine just stick to something soft and not crunchy or sticky. Try mashed potato, pasta or soups.

I am a dental nurse in Oral Surgery.

ice cream, jelly.... you probably won't be able to close your mouth for about 5 days. you can't eat solid food. make sure you put ice packs on your cheeks. it's real nasty, but you won't be able to brush the back of your mouth for a while but gently do the front. liquid meals would give you nutrients, but they're nasty. I wouldn't recommend tomorrow get some porridge, that'd be good for you and is what I ate when I got mine done. showering today, but defs tomorrow morning. make sure you take your meds and that.

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