Can my teeth be helped?!

Question: Can my teeth be helped?
I play the saxophone and I have recently gotten quite more serious about getting better. However, my left front tooth is maybe a mm lower than the right one and it can make playing uncomfortable or even painful. Is there something a dentist or orthodontist can do to even them out? If so, what does it entail? (Money, recovery?)


Yeah, a dentist can totally help you out. The dentist can either add a cap to the short one or grind some length off the long one.

It would cause a little bit of soreness for an hour or two... and you couldn't eat with it for a few hours. But it would be fine by that evening for sure. As for money, my guess is about $100

yes call your dentist they can help by grinding the longer tooth down or you could get a cap on the shorter one

no idea. make an appt though

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