getting wisdom teeth taken out?!

Question: Getting wisdom teeth taken out?
so i just went to the dentist, and found out that my wisdom teeth are like.. coming in sideways. so they gotta be taken out, but on a scale of 1-10, how bad is it?

they said they're not gonna put me to sleep, just put me on an IV, and drug me up with that. but will i be able to feel anything... etc? whats it gonna be like? lol



Maybe like a 5 or a 6..
it does suck but its actually not that bad i think people exaggerate.
just take the normal dose of pain killers they give you and youll be fine (:
it get better after the first couple of days.

good luck (:

I hate to tell you honey, but getting your teeth taken out is not a fun thing..... Trust me :) On a scale of one to ten it would most likely be a five-seven the first three days, it really depends on the person. What they are doing to you is actually not that bad, You do not need to fret about not being knocked out. If you have had to get a filling before they put you on laughing gas and you fall asleep anyways. If you don't you talk very lightly and you seem to loose all of your senses. I hope I helped you :)

me :)

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