Whats is wrong with my teeth?? Ouch!!?!

Question: Whats is wrong with my teeth?? Ouch!!?
Recently went to the dentist for a check up and ended up having 2 fillings; when all work was done the dentist said everything was not fine and book for another check up in 6 months.

Since this time my teeth seem to be SOOOO sensitive... going from hot to cold... maybe eating a hot meal and sipping a cold drink i cant even describe the pain im beginning to get and sometimes in the morning when i wake up and brush my teeth i get such pain... What could this be? Im scared to go back!!! I hate that place!!


That sounds like what happened to me. I had a big filling put in and my molar was in incredible pain. Get some extra strength sensodyne to ease the pain in the short term. The pain should go away.

If you can go back, it might save you some anguish. The dentist can jam some stuff in the hole to insulate your filling from the nerve. I had that done last time I got a filling and I never felt a thing.

According to me you must not do so as our teeth are very sensitive and it could not bear if you are going from hot meal to a cold drink suddenly. So try to stop that instead have a cup of tea or coffee else normal or warm water.

Just for now consult a doctor

another important thing is that if you can then please try to use miswaak (a tooth brush extracted from tree) it is easily available and is very cheap.

It has calcium and floride and it cures more than 70 diseases and it does not require tooth paste.


Go to the Drug Store & purchase a Toothpaste called Sensodine (Not sure of the Spelling), it is for Sensitive teeth! Good Luck!

see another dentist...

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