What is normal after tooth extraction?!?!

Question: What is normal after tooth extraction?!?
I had a lower molar out 5 days ago (tooth in front of an impacted wisdom tooth); I was in a bit if pain the day after but everything has been fine since, no bad taste, a bit of aching but this has been controlled with ibuprofen. I've been eating soft foods and rinsing with salt water or corsodyl after eating... But I just wanted to get some advice on what is considered 'normal' for the extraction site?! I had a look today and the blood clot is still in place, seems to be shrinking if anything, its a brownish red colour, slight redness on the gum but guessing this is normal... The only area of concern are 2 small ares at the back of the clot and close to my wisdom tooth that are creamy White and look a bit like bone?! I'm not in pain but I'm sure these bits weren't there yesterday?! Can anyone help to set my mind at ease?! Hopefully I'm worrying about nothing!!!

Thanks in advance!!


Everybody heals at a different time scale and visually it may also be a different pattern with.

If there in no more ooze, the pain is settling down and it getting better each day and you have no bad taste or smell then all is well. Try not to keep looking at it as well as that will make you less concerned.

In theory you should be in severe pain and bleeding for about 8 months. then it will clot for a year. after that go back to dentist for a bottle of mouth wash as ur breath will be minging by then

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